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ITI - Training Online Courses

We are dedicated to improving Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards in industries.

Our online training modules are comprehensive. Cover topics such as preventing personal injuries promoting safe driving habits introducing HSE management systems and more.

Our courses are designed with industry professionals, in mind. They are accessible, practical and highly relevant. Participants can engage in self-assessment exercises that provide feedback to enhance learning and retention. Upon completion of the course’s certificates will be automatically generated to recognize the newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Courses overview

Personal Injury Prevention

Equip yourself with evidence-based strategies and techniques to minimize personal injury risks in workplaces, home and even leisure.

Defensive Driving Training

Learn defensive driving techniques, apply them in your day to day driving, drive CRASH FREE.

Control of Hazardous Energies

Hazard Recognition Principles

Loss Prevention Team Training

Li-Battery Safety Training

Risk Assessment

Authorized Gas Tester

Chemical Safety Training

Safety Inspection Principles

PPE Principles

Basic Standard First Aid

Environmental Protection Basics 

Office Ergonomics 


Human Behaviour (Towards Safety)

Working at Height

Confined Space Entry

Dropped Objects

Working at Extreme Weather Hot/Cold

Lock Out / Tag Out Principles

Fatigue Management

Food Hygiene Management

Circadian Rhythm

Workshop Safety Principles

Permit to Work L1/L2/L3

Toolbox Talk

Personal Hygiene Awareness

Slips, Trips and Falls

Spill Response Training

Manual Handling Safety

Hot Works

H2S Awareness

General Electrical Safety

Excavation Basics

Storage and Handling of Gas Cylinders

Lifting Planning, Banksman and Slinging

Joint Health and Safety Committee Chairman (Canada)

Joint Health and Safety Committee Member (Canada)

ITI - Instructor Led Courses

We understand the importance of management, in ensuring the safety, health and overall wellbeing of our employees as well as in preserving and protecting the environment.

We offer coaching sessions specifically designed for mid-level managers and supervisors to help them gain a deep understanding of their responsibilities in these areas.

Through a combination of knowledge and practical insights our team of experts will guide participants in developing the skills necessary to lead with confidence. Our coaching covers strategies such as preventing injuries promoting environmental stewardship prioritizing employee wellbeing and maintaining high production or service delivery standards.

  • Supervisors/Mid. Managers HSE Training (3 Days)

  • Senior Managers HSE Training (5 Days)

  • Investigation L1 (1 Day)

  • Investigation L2 (1 Day)

  • Risk Management

  • Defensive Driving Practical Assessment

ITI - 101 Coaching

We recognize the impact that senior managers and leaders have on guiding an organization, towards excellence.

It's a challenge to balance goals while maintaining a strong commitment to health, safety, quality and environmental stewardship. This requires expertise.

Our personalized one on one consulting service provides tailored guidance for top level leadership. We strategically focus on creating a working environment empowering employees and contractors to express their concerns and minimizing our footprint. Our goal is to equip leaders with the tools and insights to drive change.

Senior Managers HSE Leadership

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